About Us

Happy friends at restaurantThe origins of the Chilli Pizza brand date back to 2002. With the passage of time, our position on the regional catering services market strengthened, and the brand became widely known and liked.

Chilli Pizza is also a dynamically growing chain of restaurants. Our activity is based on qualified personnel, professional service and professional organization principles. We already offer over 40 types of delicious pizza, which is hand-made according to the original recipe.

We are proud of two reasons: offering products of the highest quality and many years of cooperation with the best suppliers.

Our highest priority is constant product control at each stage of its formation, and thus each pizza is excellent and excellent in taste. We are also characterized by the extremely express delivery of a hot pizza.

You do not believe? See for yourself.

Chilli Pizza is the perfect place to spend time with family and friends. We know each other because we understand the expectations of our clients. You can be sure that Chilli Pizza will satisfy the needs of even the most demanding gourmets.

Believe me, we are also lovers of pizza! We are devoted to the idea that a person who is full is a happy person. Therefore, we focus on the values ​​of self-improvement and striving to achieve the maximum potential hidden in the soul of Chilli Pizza.

We are aware that we exist to please our customers.


The Chilli Pizza